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Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

1 year ago
1. Wikipedia is the box of free knowledge-

Every information on Wikipedia is available for free to every category, which is given by the contributors of Wikipedia. Whether you are a student or are gathering information for any research, you will get all the information related to your topic on Wikipedia for free.

2. Multilingual-

Multilingual means in many languages. On Wikipedia, you will get to read articles in all languages ​​of the world. You can read articles in your own language on Wikipedia. Whether you are Bengali, Gujarati or a foreigner, you will definitely find articles on Wikipedia in your language.

3.Easily Available-

There is no restriction for you to read the information on Wikipedia, you can comfortably access Wikipedia on an internet connection and laptop, mobile or desktop computer.

4. To become a writer on Wikipedia-

We are the only ones who have written so many articles on Wikipedia and articles in so many languages. You can also write and edit articles on Wikipedia by becoming a writer or editor on Wikipedia, which will help many people. If you also want to become a writer on Wikipedia, then information about it has been given above.

5. Multimedia Articles-

It is often quite boring to read only text articles, but this is not the case on Wikipedia. In every article you read on Wikipedia, you get to see video, picture and audio notes as well as charts.