July 11th, 2024

What is Medium: The Complete Guide for Marketers

If you are just looking for a writing and publishing platform, then you can check out Medium. On this you cannot monetize your content and earn money. Medium platform comes with a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. Millions of people are using this platform as a blogging platform. Apart from this, by spending $5 per month, you can take advantage of additional features.

Pros of using Medium:

  • Focuses only on publishing and writing.
  • Is completely free.
  • Very powerful for publishers, writers and content creators.
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Rahul Gupta
4 years ago
Medium is good as their reader base is always looking for new content as well as getting backlink from there will generate more reader value as well
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Balvinder Singh
4 years ago
I have my own blog as well medium blog, but the traffic on medium is much more than on my own blog, because mostly all using the same .
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