July 11th, 2024

How do travel bloggers get paid?

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Hitha Nanjappa
3 years ago Selected
There are many ways to earn as a travel blogger. I bring a travel blogger myself, can share a few ways out of my experience:
1. Barter: free/ sponsored travel and accommodation in exchange for a blog post on your site or a review on social media.
2. Earn through writing travel articles in travel websites or print media.
3. Paid guest posts on your sites.
4. Affiliate marketing of travel related products.
5. Sell images on stockphotos.

Some additional ways for established bloggers:
1. Sponsored travel plus get paid additionally per post depending on social media reach.
2. Get paid for Guest talks on different forums.
3. Compile travel posts into a book and sell it in an e-book or a hardcopy format.
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Himangshu Kalita
3 years ago Selected
You should choose one of the following business models to get paid from travel blogging:

-Create a blog and write a few articles about your travel experience + set up Google AdSense.
-Set yourself up with high-paying affiliate items for travel lovers.
-Create a course on how to be a nomad, travel hacker, or whatever you want to call it, and sell it on your blog.
-Provide contact with local bed and breakfasts and offer to assess their establishments and make recommendations based on your previous experiences with other Accommodations.

Also, keep in mind that your dream will not materialise overnight. It takes at least a year of consistent writing and advertising to see significant increases in audience size.
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