Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Frameworks

PHP is short for Prehypertext processing language which is a programming language used to create web applications using SQL as backend, along js and jquery for functionality and HTML css for design. Php is used to create dynamic as well static application.

Advantages of PHP :

  • PHP is free and open source i.e. you can download and use it for free.
  • It is platform independent i.e. can be used in any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.
  • Its syntax is very simple so it can be learned very easily.
  • Its execution speed is very fast.
  • The connection to the database can be created very easily using the built-in database module.
  • Powerful library support
  • Versions of PHP are constantly updated with new technology and features.
  • It is compatible with both Apache and IIS servers.
  • Not only MySQL but also other types of databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle etc. can be used with PHP.
  • Most hosting servers support PHP by default. Like ASP, it does not require dedicated hosting. This means that hosting a website made of PHP does not cost much money.

Disadvantages of PHP :

  • PHP is not suitable for large web applications it is difficult to maintain because it is not very modular. This makes it difficult to manage large web applications.
  • There is an error handling method in the PHP framework. This is not a proper solution for the PHP developer, so it is a problem with the PHP developer.
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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

1 year ago
Some of the benefits of using PHP:
Codes and scripts written in PHP get executed more quickly. If you compare it with scripts written in JSP and ASP, then the code and scripts written in PHP are executed very fast.

PHP source code is available for free on the Internet. The consumer can observe, modify, and enhance it according to his needs.

PHP code is platform independent: can be run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.

There are many web servers available for PHP, for example Apache, NGINX, or IIS etc.

Cons of using PHP:
Developing a large application with PHP is quite a difficult task because it is not highly modular, due to which it becomes difficult to manage a large application.

PHP is open source, so anyone can see its source code, so if there is a bug in the code, then it can be misused.