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We can do keyword research by using tools like
1. Ahrefs keyword search(Freemium)
2. Hoth Google keyword planner (Free)
3. Keyword planner(free)
4. Prepostseo tools(free)
5. Google trends (free)
You can do add keyword you want to search and get stats here like volume of search,ranking of search, ranking in different locations.
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Before writing an article on a topic, you have to find the keywords related to it, this is called keyword research.

While doing keyword research, we have to pay attention to two main points:

1: What is the search volume of the keyword?

2: How much is the keyword competition?

The monthly search volume of a keyword shows how popular it is and how much people search for it. Keyword competition shows how difficult or easy it is to rank your article on that keyword.

For this work you need Keyword research tools, the names of some of these tools are as follows:

• Google Keyword Planner
• Ubersuggest
• SEMRush
• Ahref

There are many other tools like this, some are available for free and some are also paid tools. With the help of these tools, you can easily do keyword research.
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