January 03rd, 2024

What is Google AdWords?

Google Ads is a very effective program which is very beneficial for your offline and online business, if you do business online, you have a website or blog, then you can directly increase your sales through online advertising. You can bring them on your website, you can register them directly on your website

If you want to receive phone calls from your customers, Google AdWords gives you the facility of click to call button with your ad so that your customers can click on your ad and call your phone number directly.

If you do business offline then through Google Ads you can help your business find them with your customers on Google Map and get more and more local customers

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Rahul Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Google AdWords is an online advertising service. Through this, bloggers can reach the ads of their product or service to the people. And you can advertise your business. With the help of this, you can show the advertisement of your website. In Google AdWords we use Keyword. With the help of which our ads can reach people.

When you connect the website with Google AdWords. And after that when someone searches for information related to your website, Google shows your site's ads on the right side on your website. This helps to increase traffic to your site.

How Google Adword work?

Whenever a user does some search on Google using keywords related to your ads, Google shows the advertiser's ads on their searched website which the user has opened. And if a person clicks on those ads. And when it comes to the website of the advertiser, then it has to be paid to Google.
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Sujit Singh
3 years ago Selected
“AdWords” is a very good advertising service of Google itself. If someone wants to promote their business through online advertising, then Adwords is the best way for online advertising. This service of Google reaches the right people through search keywords. Ads of Adwords reach people only through website, blog, and (youtube).
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Digvijay Rajput
2 years ago Selected
Google Adword is advertising site for bloggers.
They use this site for advertising their products,
By using this site bloggers can reach out to the people for for selling and promotions of their products.
Its a best and easy way for bloggers for promotion’s.
People can easily reach out to the blog of bloggers.
When the site is connected to the Google Adword then anyone search information regarding your site then Google Adword show’s ads and information regarding your site on the top right side of application.
It’s give the platform for the bloggers to showcase their site and advertise it.
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