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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

1 year ago
Hosted Account Adsense is an account that is approved by Adsense Host Partner Sites like BlogSpot, YouTube or HubPage. Because Adsense Company is not only handled by Google alone but also Google has other partner websites which share their income with Adsense.

So if you have an approved account from them (Blogger, Yourtube, HubPage) then it is called Adsense Hosted Account. Adsense Hosted Account is more approved for Blogger Platform.

• Google Adsense Hosted Account Approval can be easily found by Adsense Partner Sites.
• Can be used in Google Partner Sites like YouTube, Blogger Blogs and Partner Sites.
• Normally it can be easily upgraded to Adsense Hosted Vs Non Hosted Adsense Account.

Akash Sonar

Akash Sonar

1 year ago
Host partners allow you to monetize the content you create on their websites by linking it to your AdSense account.
If you're associated with an AdSense host partner, you'll see their name listed on the Third party access page of your account, in the "Access and authorization" section, under "Settings".