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Step: 1 SSL Certificate: If you have purchased an SSL Certificate, then most of all go to your account and click on My Product, here you will see all the Product Domain, Hosting and Secure Socket Layer, you have to click on the SSL Certificate here, then click on Manage.

Step: 2 Request Certificate:  As soon as you click on Manage, a new page will open in front of you, here you have to write the name of your Domain or Websites. Leave the option with Provide and Email, then click on Request Certificate.

Step: 3 Installing Secure Socket Layer: On clicking on Request Certificate, a new page will open in front of you, there you do not have to do anything, here you will see the process of Secure Socket Layer Install, which may take at least 30 minutes.

Step: 4 Refresh Page: When this process is completed, then you have to go to the WordPress Admin Panel and refresh the page. You will see a green colored pad lock on your website, which means that the Secure Socket Layer has been activated on your website.

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