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1.The first and most important thing is the image, you have to upload such a photo which looks attractive in appearance. Therefore, apart from the profile photo, upload all the photos in the account after editing them properly. Your face must be in the profile photo because most people follow only by looking at your face image.

2. Whenever we go to an Instagram account, we see its profile photo and check its bio. That's why you have to make your bio interesting, if you have a link to your website, Youtube channel in your bio, then definitely use it. You can also use hashtags and stickers as well.

3. To be always active in your account means to post regularly in your insta. With this, not only your followers, likes, comments will also increase, in addition to putting your photo, post on other favorite topics.

4. If you want to increase a lot of followers in less time then you should post on trending topic. So you can get information about what is going on in the trend from Google Trends. In the Internet world, trends keep coming every day, sometimes an image becomes viral and sometimes a video, in such a situation, you should take full advantage of them.

5. Hashtags contribute a lot in making a post viral, so whenever you put a post in Instagram, you must use the hashtag related to the post in it. Whenever someone searches the hashtag, your post will also appear in the result, so you will be able to increase new followers.

6. If you are new to the world of Insta then we would advise you to create your account in it with Facebook. This will mean that your account will also appear in the suggestion list of all your Facebook friends on Instagram, if they know you, then they will definitely follow you.

7. If you already have an account on Insta, then link it to Facebook, whenever someone visits your Facebook, then from there it will come to your Insta. Apart from this, you can also tell by posting in Facebook that you are active on Instagram. With this, all the friends you have will come to your insta.
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Post daily, Interact with your followers, comment on others post, Engaging content, accurate hashtags
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Post Attractive , Readable Images or Messages or information which useful for People, and post insta link on other social media platform like Fb , Fb page, or WhatsApp Status it will definately benefit to increase your followers
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