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There are four type of backlinks which google considered and evaluate a website.
✓ Sponsored Links
✓ UGC Links
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There are two types of backlinks that you can create:
1. Do Follow Links:
By default, all the links you add to your blog or website are automatically do-follow in nature means it is following the interlinking process and the path between two links is clear. Most of the people demand do-follow links only. This is very important factor in Backlinks. A high quality Do-follow link can help your blog a lot.

2. No-Follow Link:
Then we have no-follow links. No-follow as the name itself suggests are the links that do not have the follow back path. You can use the no follow tags to stop getting a backlink from the site whose reference link you added in your article. The reason may be that the site is less reliable.
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