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Influencer is someone who promotes the product and service of a company or business. It is completely different from any business and customer and it is easy for the influencer to promote a product because the influencer has a face value of his own, and he has authority in front of the people, he has good knowledge in his niche, and especially he has a good relationship with his audience.

With the help of which he promotes his niche related product in front of his audience. And the people doing the same promotion are called influencers.

As I told earlier that almost the whole world is on social media. And every 1 day millions of people join social media. But all this does not come in social media influencer. There are very few people who are social media influencers. And only those people come in this. Any person who has made his reputation in a particular niche. On social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

That is, they have a good audience base, and have a good relationship with their audience and the company or any brand also asks the social media influencer to advertise their product. purchase the product. Basic knowledge of digital marketing is a must for any influencer

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An influencer is simply someone who has influence over others' buying decisions. In other words, it's someone who has the influence, the authority over or trust of, a certain group of people. In marketing parlance, an influencer is someone who causes others to make specific consumer decisions.
5 months ago   2
In simple language, an influencer is the one who easily influences the people or group of people for taking the decision.
5 months ago   1

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