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No, if you are not writing SEO friendly article you will not get any traffic to your post. I suggest you write 1 post per week but it should be Highly SEO friendly.

After getting 10000+ traffic per month you can hire a freelancer to write for your blog. ( and you need to pay him )
11 days ago   1
Himangshu Kalita But if you see, in a competitive niche like blogging/travel most of the ranking articles are from giants like Neil patel, shout me loud, make my trip

How to manage on page 1 then?
11 days ago   2
Hi, Rahul first you need to write some of the articles for your blog targeting low competitive keywords. It does not matter if the search volume is 10 or 100. But it should not be zero.

Gradually when your blog DA increases you can pick high competitive keywords.

Bonus point - You can write high competitive blog posts on this blog as the DA of indibloghub is 56.
11 days ago   1