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Sep 22, 2021

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The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server and it is also known as Virtual Personal Server. There are many physical servers in any data center, when a machine is created by virtually dividing the resources (memory, storage, cpu etc.) of a physical server with the help of software, then this process is called virtualization. To create a VPS, virtual machines are created on the physical server with the help of virtualization software (such as hyperv, Vmware etc.). This machine hosted on a physical server is called a virtual machine. This virtual machine uses the resources of the physical server. Many VMs can be created on any physical server according to its hardware resources. Any OS can be installed on the virtual machine. When a customer takes VPS service, the hosing company gives one of the VMs hosted on the physical server to the customer and the customer uses the operating system, disc space, and bandwidth as per his requirement on this virtual private server.
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