July 11th, 2024

The Definitive Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Definitive Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What is Amp Full Form?

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages which is an open-source project designed to optimize faster mobile pages. Its ensures web pages load faster which helps with user experience and keeps visitors to stay longer on the page.

Pros of using AMP:

1: Increases Website Loading Time Speed:

This reduces the loading time of your website, so that you can easily open the page of any site on your mobile.

2: Increases the Server Performance of the Website:

If you put it on any of your websites, then it increases the performance of your server.

3: Increases traffic to the website:

This increases more traffic on your website than before, which is a good source of income for the publisher.

4: Fast Opens Pages on Mobile:

This makes the page open easily on your mobile, so that the user can easily open that page and read it.

5: Prevents Data Loss:

In this there is less loss of your data, because all those things are not shown in it which are not of your use, in this only the main content is shown, due to which there is not much loss of your data.

Cons of using AMP:

1: Reduces Advertisement on Blog

If you are using any of your website or blog, then your biggest earning source is the advertisement of your blog because this will reduce the advertisement of your blog which is the biggest loss for you.

AMP Page Adsense Ads are loaded slower than the Ads Content of other Ads Network Company, which reduces the Ctr (Click Through Rate) of your Ad and if the Income Source of your Blog is Adsense then this is the biggest loss for you.

2: Bad effect on AMP website Analytics

If you want to see the complete information report about Google AMP Traffic, then for this you have to setup Google Analytics separately for AMP Pages, you cannot get complete information directly in Google Analytics for Traffic of AMP Pages.

3: Not much useful for E-commerce website

It is very difficult to enable AMP on all websites, it can be easily configured only by WordPress users. If you also post YouTube Videos on your website, then there is no use of using AMP because it only shows the text content fast and does not load the video fast.

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Himangshu Kalita
3 years ago Selected
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a collaboration between Google and Twitter. The major goal is to make mobile pages as quick as possible. According to MOZ, an AMP page is an HTML page that is meant to be extremely lightweight and load quickly. The entire platform is intended only for reading, which is why it is so quick.
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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Everything is good in your site, but despite that it is very important for your site to load fast, because there are many users, in which if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, then they ignore it.

Due to the slow loading of the site, users are unable to read the website page and those users whose internet connection is very slow, they face a lot of problem in it. To solve all these problems, Google started the AMP Open project, in which the user can fast loading the website page even in the mobile phone.

Google AMP loads only the content we need by removing Unusable Extra Content from the site. According to Google, it makes the site 85% faster, so that the user does not have a problem in loading the website page.
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