July 11th, 2024

How will improve Landing Page Experience Better?

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Balvinder Singh
3 years ago Selected
The home page is the main point for visitors as well bots for checking Seo. And with new properties like CLS and first content rendering. We can do things to improve.
1. Use low-quality image placeholders (Reduce Layout Shift)
2. Use of critical CSS above the fold if using minification/combining (Reduce Layout Shift and rendering)
3. Lazy loading content
4. Fewer page elements to reduce DOM size (which is actually a nested code line, the more the content, more code, and more lines, and more DOM size causing more memory to be used)
5. move scripts to the footer and use async so to prevent blocking of page loading
6. Use optimized images to load faster than original (use tools like tinypng to compress and see size reduction)
7. Use fewer plugins in the case of WordPress
8. Lazy load advertisements
9. Use no-opener and external relation tags for a link pointing outside resources.
10. Always provide height-width of embedded images (Reduce Layout Shift and Rendering)
11. Use system fonts (let user use fonts of the device rather than downloading google fonts)
12. Use caching of the web page and browser cache

These are all tasks we can do, plus more other things. But it is not necessary and not possible for all to follow these steps, as all sites have different content. Some may have just a landing page, some may have a full magazine layout.
So, some will have a 100 optimization score, some may have 30. So just try to have minimum and optimized content without worrying about all optimizations.
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Manish Singh Bisht
2 years ago Selected
There are several ways you can improve the landing page experience for your website visitors:

Keep the design clean and uncluttered: A clean and uncluttered design will help visitors focus on the most important elements of your page and make it easier for them to find what they're looking for.

Use a clear and concise headline: Your headline should clearly communicate the value of your product or service and encourage visitors to learn more.

Use high-quality images and videos: Including high-quality images and videos on your landing page can help improve the overall user experience and make your page more visually appealing.

Keep the layout organized: Use headings, bullet points, and whitespace to organize the content on your page and make it easier for visitors to scan and understand.

Use a clear and actionable call to action: Your call to action should be clear and easy to find, and it should encourage visitors to take the next step (e.g., "Sign up now," "Learn more," "Get started").

Test and optimize: Use A/B testing to try out different versions of your landing page and see which one performs the best. This will help you continually improve the landing page experience for your visitors.
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