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Sep 20, 2021

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if we have the title "social media plugin for WordPress", and people search with let say two keywords, "Social Media WordPress" and "social media plugin".

Here the distance between social media and WordPress for the first keyword is 2 words having "plugin for" words in-between. and, 2nd query has 0 distance as there are no words in between.
So, the 2nd keyword having 0 distance, is better to rank and show content to a user than 2 distance. This process, of calculating distance and ranking content for search, is called *keyword proximity*.

 So, the lesser the distance more chances of ranking that content.

Note: Proximation can be for a title/meta/main content wherever it matches according to indexed data. 

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Balvinder Singh Thanks for this detailed answer. These small changes and improvements made to each post/article can help in long term...
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