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Crawling is a process of fetching records programmatically. Generally, we visit the blog and get content as an audience, but search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck go they do not do this. Instead they have programmed bots, that do the same work programmatically.
In crawling, bots using sitemap, visits link of a blog, one by one until all links are indexed. By crawling they get all page information like links of page, meta descriptions, title, content, images. This way our content gets indexed(stored/cached on google servers). So, this way crawlers index data to help sites show up when someone do a search on any search engine.

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A crawler is software that collects data from the internet for search engines. When a crawler visits a website, it collects all of the material and saves it to a database. It also saves all of the website's external and internal links.
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In SEO, crawling is a very important step for indexing purposes in search engines. It generally helps search engines or bots to crawl the content of any website which is available on search engines.

If the content is crawled properly then it helps searchers to locate accurate answers for their questions. Therefore, indexing should be done properly.
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