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Akash Sonar Selected

Akash Sonar

2 years ago
Google AdX is an ad exchange network.
>previously Google AdX known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange
> This means it is a programmatic advertising platform, offering real-time bidding (RTB) on ad spaces to ad networks,
> including AdSense, agencies and demand-side platforms

Akshat Gupta

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago

Google adx is a platform of google which helps to show ads of an advertiser i.e. with the help of google adx advertisers can show their ads on google platform or on google's partner platform. Simply put, google adx is an advertising platform that helps a company to advertise its product or service.

Google charges some amount from advertisers in exchange for these ads, takes some money. This amount completely depends on the ads of the advertisers, where is their targeting location or what is the targeting audience? And what is the targeting keyword?