July 11th, 2024

What is the best google adsene Alternative?

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Balvinder Singh
3 years ago Selected
There is no better alternative specifically. Each monetization program works differently for different types of sites like for movies sites may get some programs, tech sites may get some.
Some popular alternatives are :
1. Infolinks
2. Media.net
3. Bidvertiser
4. Yilix
5. Propeller ads
6. Adnow

infolinks and media.net approval is hard. But, propeller ads, bidvertiser, adnow, yilix are easier .

Ads quality is more for media.net and infolinks.

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1 - Media.net

Media.net is the best alternative to Google AdSense. This is a Contextual Ad Network Program. Which is made by Bing and Yahoo. Millions of bloggers are earning well through this ad network.

Media.net Ad Network shows Contextual Ad. Contextual Ads are ads that show ads according to our content and keywords. Assuming that our content is related to sports, then only ads related to sports will be shown to us.

2 – Infolinks.com

Infolinks.com is also a best alternative to Google AdSense. Many bloggers also use this Ad Network. Although it pays much less money than Google AdSense. But it gives quick approval to your blog.

3 – Adnow

Adnow is also a good Google AdSense Alternative Ad Network. This company was formed in 2014. With Adnow, you can earn money by placing Native Ads in your blog.

Native Ads are those ads that are similar to the content of our blog. You can earn good earning by applying native ads. Let us know about some advantages and disadvantages of Adnow.

4 – PropellerAds

Propellerads is a trusted Ad Network. It provides many types of ads. like -

• PopUnder
• Native Direct Ad
• Push Notification
• Banner Ads

If your AdSence request is getting rejected again and again then you can use Propellerads. And you can start earning from your blog.

5 – Mgid.com

Mgid.com is a best Ad Network. Earning is also good with this and also provides User Friendly ads and also the support of Mgid.com is also very good.

Mgid.com only provides Native Ads, and its Ads are very User Friendly. And its earning depends on the country.
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