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You Can Try This to Find Low Comptition keyword For SEO.

• First of all, you go to website and search any keyword on the topic of your blog there, for example, I am searching Blogging in Hindi.
• Search any one keyword
• Click on Add All to select all keywords
• Now click on Export and click on Copy Selection To Clipboard and copy all the keywords

So in this way you have to copy them by searching keywords, now let's know the next step what to do next

• Now click on Keyword Everywhere Extension, then click on Import Keywords.
• Now a box will appear in front of you, paste the keywords copied from and click on Get Metrics button.
• Now there will be some processing, after that all the information about those keywords will come in front of you like Search Volume, CPC, Competition etc.
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You can refer keyword planner tool for obtaining low competition keywords. Set the bit accordingly for getting such keywords.
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