Blogging Glossary: Blog Terms & Terminology for beginners 2022

Blogging Glossary: Blog Terms for Beginner Bloggers

We all know that a blog is a collection of news, personal stories, theories, reviews, poems among many other things in a digital platform. Today, blogging has grown just beyond its traditional textual format of writing and reading. With wider access to social media, it has evolved beyond into photo, audio and video formats as well. Be it any format, if you are someone new to the blogging world or are looking to start your own blog, there are some blogging terminologies that you need to know to get easily acquainted with this subject.

While you continue to slowly navigate your way through this new world, we have tried to make it simpler for you by compiling a blogging glossary. You can use it to address the most common dilemmas you might have in having your blog up and running.