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If the duplicate version of an original theme is a child theme, then the original theme is called a parent theme. Most of the Genesis frameworks use it, for which it is one of the popular themes.

WordPress is an open source project on which thousands of blogs are running for free of cost without paying any fees. WordPress is a very simple CMS (content management system) which is a platform running completely on php framework.

That is why all the settings in it are very simple and user friendly. WordPress theme means that there is a Layout / Design (Look) for the website, which the internet works to show all over the world, it is called Parent theme.

What is the difference between child theme and parent theme?

It is important to know this question first because without this information you cannot work on the child theme. The child theme is the clone theme of the parent theme. There is no difference between the parent theme and other themes.

Your parent theme also works like all other themes, in which you can make all the changes given in that theme like other themes.

But without parent theme you cannot make any changes in child theme. Before child theme you have to create its parent theme only after that child theme is used.

Without making any changes on the parent theme, you can make many changes in the child theme which you do not get in your parent theme. Using a WordPress child theme is considered one of the safest and most secure ways to edit any original theme.

Whenever a new theme update is received, it gets updated easily and the changes made by you are not removed. Another advantage of using a child theme is that if your child theme creates a problem with modification, you can delete it and reinstall it whenever you want.
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In WordPress, a parent theme is one that has been designated as such by a child theme. This WordPress feature allows theme designers and developers to take use of larger, more complex WordPress themes and modify them by creating child themes.
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