July 11th, 2024

What is autosave in WordPress?

Autosave is a feature in WordPress that automatically saves changes made to a post, page or custom post type. This post works on the edit screen.

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Manish Singh Bisht
2 years ago Selected
Autosave is a feature in WordPress that automatically saves a draft of your post or page as you work on it. This feature is intended to help prevent data loss in case of technical issues or unexpected events, such as a power outage or browser crash.

When you are working on a post or page in WordPress, the platform will automatically save a draft of your work every 60 seconds. These drafts are stored in the database and can be accessed in the "Post Revisions" section of the editor. You can also set the autosave interval to a different value.

Additionally, WordPress has a feature called "Save Draft" which allows you to manually save your post or page at any time, and it will be stored in the database as a separate revision. This can be useful if you want to save your work and come back to it later, or if you want to make a backup copy of your post or page before publishing it.

It is important to note that Autosave and Save Draft only saves a copy of your post or page on the database. It does not save it on your computer, so it's important to backup your work regularly.
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Akash Sonar
3 years ago
In WordPress Autosave Means the changes you make in your blogs or post are automatically saved to your local device in every 15 seconds
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