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What is a media kit for bloggers?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
It is like a resume for your blog / your blogger profile. It should be a very brief summary of your reach, achievements, brands worked with, service/products offered height your blog. The client/brand should be able to get convinced that you are a...

What is Blog Monetization & How To Make Money Blogging?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
Enabling any Business, Assets, Website, Blog and Channel to earn money or earn money from it is called Monetization. Now we will talk about Digital Platform, there are many ways to earn money online in Digital Platform such as Blog, Website, Social M...

How does Pinterest help a blogger to grow their blog?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
1: Do Pinterest Keyword Research First of all you have to do keyword research. Because if you put pins without keyword research, then it will reach many people or it may happen that no one even sees that pin. For this, you type anything in the Pin...

IndiBlogHub Reward Program - Earn Paytm Cash

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 6 Comments
For all Bloggers & Digital Marketers,   Welcome to IndiBlogHub Reward Program where you get a chance to earn Flipkart Gift Vouchers along with Paytm Cash by answering queries related to following categories: Blogging, SEO, WordPress & Digital Marketi...

How to transfer website from one server to another?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
If I want to shift from one hosting to another, Is it recommended to do go ahead? If yes, What are the challenges I need to keep in mind while doing so?

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 10 Comments
Choosing the correct niche for your blog is very necessary because you will have to write and continue the same thing for a very long time. Choose the topic you yourself are good at. And if you just choose a topic just because of your friend is makin...

How do I convert blog visitors into potential customers?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 1 Comments
Firstly, you much create sufficient content on your site with a particular niche. Gain confidence from your readers/ subscribers that you have sufficient knowledge about the subject that you are blogging about. Over a period of time, if you think tha...

Does Blogger Outreach work in 2021?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
Yes. It Works because i have my blog there and get some traffic and views but you have to consistant there.

What is the best google adsene Alternative?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
There is no better alternative specifically. Each monetization program works differently for different types of sites like for movies sites may get some programs, tech sites may get some. Some popular alternatives are : 1. Infolinks 2.

What are the requirements to monetize YouTube channel?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 1 Comments
YouTube has implemented some new rules under which you have to follow YouTube Monetization Policy to monetize YouTube Video. So know which new YouTube Monetization Rules have been made by YouTube.You should have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube chann...

What happens if you watch your own YouTube videos?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
Newcomers think it will increase channel view time, but it does not. Self-viewing does not count for monetization requirements. So, self-viewing can increase public visible views on the video and helps to increase a little view time not much. In...

Is it hard to get monetized on YouTube?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
It completely depend upon the type of content you provide and the quality of content. If one user like your video it start YouTube algorithm start showing that video to others. The video get viral and people start subscribing your channel. 1000 subsc...

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
A child theme in WordPress is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. It allows you to make changes to the design and functionality of a website without modifying the parent theme's code dir...

What is a WordPress Parent Theme?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
If the duplicate version of an original theme is a child theme, then the original theme is called a parent theme. Most of the Genesis frameworks use it, for which it is one of the popular themes. WordPress is an open source project on which thousa...

What is Theme Editor in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
In WordPress, the Theme Editor is a built-in tool that allows users to modify the code of their WordPress themes directly from the WordPress dashboard. It provides a web-based interface for editing theme files such as PHP, CSS, and HTML.To access the...

Should I use parent or child theme in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 1 Comments
Parent and child theme is a nice and needy concept added by Wordpress. Sometimes, out of the box themes do not work and we need to add custom code/widgets to change functionality or introduce a new. So this works, but when we update the theme all cha...

What is functions.php file in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
In WordPress, the functions.php file is a theme-specific file that allows you to add custom code and functions to your WordPress site. It is located in the root directory of your WordPress theme and can be used to add features and functionality to yo...

What are the shortcodes in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
Shortcodes are a special tag that you add to your post, while viewing the post in the website, it gets replaced with other content.For example, if someone adds [simple_wptree] of wp plugin to the post, then instead of that shortcode, the visitor sees...

What is a Widget in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
Widget is such a function, with the help of which we can implement any feature at a particular place in our website. This not only improves the look of the blog, it also benefits the visitors coming to our website. It depends on us what feature we ar...

What is wp-config.php in WordPress?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
wp-config. php is the core WordPress files. It contains information about the database, including the name, host, username, and password. This information allows WordPress to communicate with the database to store and retrieve data (e.g. Posts, Users...

What is the WordPress admin page?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
Admin page is the one where the owner of the blog (and the team who has the admin access/edit access) can login to the backend of the website and make required changes, approve posts/comments/content, modify the website etc. It can be accessed onl...

What are breadcrumbs? Why are they important for SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
**Breadcrumbs **are a navigation aid that allows users to see the path they have taken to get to the current page. They are typically displayed as a hierarchy of links at the top of a page, with the current page being the last link in the hierarchy....

What are Broken links?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 5 Comments
When you delete any page on your blog but its link is available anywhere, then it is called Broken link that means a link that shows error or does not exist on your blog, then it is called Broken link. is called. Sometimes you must have seen that...

What is a Canonical URL?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
Canonical URL tag is an HTML link tag which is given in the head section of our blog so that the search engine can see it and understand what is the main URL of the post/page it is crawling/scanning.

What is Clickbait?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
Clickbait is a text or a thumbnail link. It is designed to attract attention and entice users to follow that link. Also designed to read view, or listen to the linked piece of online content. That is being typically deceptive, sensationalized, or oth...

What is Crawling in SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
Today, almost all types of information on the Internet are available in the form of online web pages. These web pages are stored on the database of servers spread all over the world. When a user searches for a certain information on a search engine?...

What is White Hat SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
White hat seo is a legal and preferred way of doing SEO. Whatever done under this is a safe practice. It includes like 1. Guest posting 2. Mentions 3. Social Signals 4. Link sharing 5. Directories 6. Speed optimisations guest posting is one...

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 3 Comments
Black hat means using unethical/illegal ways to rank your blog. Black hat includes all bad practices for making links for SEO from various sources. These include 1. PBN (Private Blog Networks) 2. Traffic Generator tools 3. Links generator tool 4...

What is keyword stuffing in SEO?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 4 Comments
Keyword stuffing is a technique to rank the page incorrectly and bring it to the first page in Google. In which in a blogger page content and meta tags, the same phrase or which we and you speak the target keyword, it is repeated in the middle of the...

How do I start a travel blog in 2022?

Team IndiBlogHub 5 months ago 2 Comments
To start a travel blog, you can follow these steps: Choose a blog platform, such as WordPress or Squarespace. Register a domain name and set up hosting for your website. Customize the design and layout of your blog to fit your style and brand....