July 11th, 2024

How to transfer website from one server to another?

If I want to shift from one hosting to another, Is it recommended to do go ahead? If yes, What are the challenges I need to keep in mind while doing so?

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Sovan Das
3 years ago Selected
there are many ways :
: 1 - if wordpress site then use all in one wp migration,
2 - if any other site that dont have access to root another server has root access then it some tricky process, best first take back up your whole site, move it to public_html in file manager you can find a number just beside of the file name rename it to 0644, go to the another server > open terminal > type: cd/ wget example.com/filename.tar.gz.
it will download whole file and store inside root, then go to transfer or restore option inside whm click then select restore from locale which can be found inside from the blank box, click and restore,
3 - if new server has root access option 2 : go to transfer or restore a cpanel account > enter ip > cpnel user name > password, DONE
4 - if both server dont have access to root then download the full backup file and go o new server and choose restore opion from control panel,
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Hitha Nanjappa
3 years ago
Mine is currently a WordPress site. What about themes and plugins? Should I reset everything newly, again?
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  • Sovan Das
    Sovan Das
    3 years ago
    Hitha Nanjappa If WordPress Then It's very easy,
    You need to do few things that will completely move your WordPress site one to another server,
    1 : Login To Both Server Cpanel > Search Multi Php Ini Editor > Increase Max Upload File Size (As Per Your Storage Of Site).
    2 - Install New Blank Wordpress In New Server,
    3 - Login To old WordPress Dashboard + New Wordpress Both Dadhboard > Search Plugin All In One Wp Migration> Install Activate,
    4 - Go To Old WordPress Dashboard > Find activated The All In one wp migration plugin > Export (Download The File Extension Should be like this mysites.wpress)
    5 - Go to new WordPress dashboard > Find the activated plugin all in one wp migration > Click import (upload the import file, you are done)

    Note: if you do not follow number 1 then there will be some error while doing so. Recommended to follow each step without skip. Thanks 🙏
  • Sovan Das
    Sovan Das
    3 years ago
    As asked yes it will completely move your whole WordPress to new. No data should be loss, recommend to back up whole site before process
  • Hitha Nanjappa
    Hitha Nanjappa
    3 years ago
    Sovan Das thanks a lot 🙏🙏🙏

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