July 11th, 2024

How does Google Analytics tools work?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
To install Google Analytics on your site, you have to add Google analytics tracking code to your site. After adding the Google Analytics code, when a visitor visits your site, it tracks them.

You can get different types of useful data by this tracking code:

• Pageviews: The number of visitors to each of the pages on your site.

• Traffic Source: Where visitors to your site are coming from (Google search, paid traffic, other website, direct, or social media network etc.)

• Bounce Rate: How quickly visitors to your site exit from your site.

• Session Duration and Pages per Session: How long the visitors stayed on your site and the number of pages they visited during their session.

• Goals: Through this you can find out the analytics of the goal you have set for your site.
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Manish Singh Bisht
1 year ago Selected
Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It works by placing a small piece of JavaScript code, called the "Google Analytics tracking code" on every page of a website. When a user visits a page on the website, the tracking code sends data about the user's behavior to the Google Analytics servers. This data is then processed and used to generate a variety of reports about the website's traffic, audience, and performance.

The data is collected by the GA tracking code which is a small script and it is placed on every page of the website. This script collects data such as the user's IP address, the pages they visit, the duration of their visit, and the type of device they are using. This data is sent to the Google Analytics servers where it is processed and used to generate a variety of reports about the website's traffic, audience, and performance.

Once the data is collected, it is analyzed and the results are presented in the form of various reports, such as:

Audience report: provides information about the demographics, interests, and behavior of the website's visitors.
Acquisition report: shows how visitors are finding the website, including referral sources (e.g. search engines, social media, or other websites).
Behavior report: provides information about what visitors do on the website, including the pages they visit and how long they spend on each page.
Conversion report: tracks the number of conversions (e.g. sales or sign-ups) and the conversion rate for the website.
Google Analytics also allows you to set up custom goals and track the progress towards achieving them. It also allows you to track the user's behaviour across different devices and platforms.
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