July 11th, 2024

Best place to visit in massoourie

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Digvijay Rajput
3 years ago Selected
1- kempty falls
It’s a beautiful place to visit for tourist numbers of people gather to see a beautiful Kempty fall every year water falls from the altitude of 40°. It is the oldest tourist place for The People.

2 - company garden
Company Garden is one of the most popular Garden In Mussoorie . Number’s of people come and have fun in company Garden the fee of the garden is Rs.25
Company Garden is also known as company Bagh it is a heart and the beauty of mussoorie.

3 - Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is a small cafe located in Mussoorie at the top of hills which gives a good quality of food and beverages.
It has a large varieties of Maggi and momos a large number of crowd seen at Lal Tibba. People came all over the country and enjoy the food at Lal Tibba with all love and respect.
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