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Jetpack is not a grammar checker tool, it is a WordPress plugin that you can use or use in your WordPress site. You can use this to check spelling and grammar mistakes.

Jetpack plugin has many features, one of them is Proofreading, using this you can check grammar spelling mistakes in WordPress post editor itself.

This plugin uses red color for misuse words and spelling mistakes, green color for grammar mistake and blue color for style suggestion.

You can enable Proofreading option by going to Jetpack Users → Your Profile setting and choose the location according to your need, where you have to check spelling mistakes.
5 months ago   1
This is very special for blogger because it is not a tool but a plugin for WordPress. With the help of this you can see your mistakes inside the word press. It has many features like you can see spelling mistake, you can check grammar. When there is a spelling mistake, there comes a line of red color. Green color line comes when there is a grammar mistake. And the line of Blue Color comes for Style Suggestion. This tool is not completely free. If you are thinking of using it then you have to buy its plan to use it.
4 months ago   1

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