April 03rd, 2024

Why Should We Export Thunderbird Emails to PST?


If you often use Thunderbird for managing your email, you can come across a circumstance in which exporting your emails to a different format is required. One such typical requirement is to export emails from Thunderbird to PST (Personal Storage Table) format. In this post, we'll look at the reasons behind this requirement and walk you through the process of properly exporting your emails.

Introduction: Thunderbird, created by Mozilla, is a popular open-source email client recognized for its easy-to-use design and extensive capabilities. While Thunderbird is excellent for email management, there are times when exporting emails to PST format is necessary.


Why Should I Use the PST Format?

PST (Personal Storage Table) is a Microsoft-developed proprietary file format for storing email, contacts, calendar events, and other information in Microsoft Outlook. There are numerous strong reasons to prefer the PST format when exporting Thunderbird emails:

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

One of the main reasons for converting Thunderbird emails to PST is to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. When switching from Thunderbird to Outlook, saving your emails in PST format assures smooth reception.

Security and backup

PST files are fantastic archives for your emails. Sending email to PST allows you to create backups of your important contacts, ensuring that your data is safe and easy to recover.

Move to a new system

When moving to another computer or email client, having your emails in PST format simplifies the process. You can easily transfer your PST files to the new system while managing your email history.

Legal and operational requirements

Legal or business constraints may force conversion of Thunderbird email to PST. Sometimes compliance requirements require the use of a different email format for record keeping and auditing purposes.

Migrate email from Thunderbird to PST: Step by Step

Here is an easy way to export your Thunderbird emails to PST and import them into Microsoft Outlook.

  1. After installing the software on Windows 10, 11, 8, or 7, launch it.
  2. Filter MBOX files using "File Mode" or "Folder Mode," then navigate to the Browse tab.
  3. Give a quick view of uploaded MBOX files.
  4. Choose the conversion format from the "Export" menu.
  5. Select the output location and click the "Convert Now" tab.

Tools to export official MBOX files

While the manual approach works, third-party applications can streamline the process and provide additional capabilities such as batch conversion and robust filtering options. Use the TrustVare MBOX Converter Tool to convert Thunderbird emails. This application is compatible with all MBOX email clients, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Poco Mail, Power Mail, and more. It works on all Windows operating system versions, including 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Vista.

  • Best practices for successful migration
  • Clean your email before exporting it to avoid transferring unnecessary information.
  • Before opening exported emails from Thunderbird, verify it correctly in Outlook.
  • Backup your PST files regularly to avoid data loss.


Migrating Thunderbird to PST format is a practical and strategic process that ensures compatibility, data integrity, and compliance with multiple standards. Whether you’re transitioning to a new system, securing email, or meeting regulatory requirements, there are benefits to the strategy.

The most popular questions

Q1: Can I send Thunderbird emails directly to Outlook without switching to PST?

Ans: Yes, you can use Outlook's "Import and Export" tool to import Thunderbird emails directly without converting to PST.

Q2: Are there any risks in email exchanges?

Ans: While email changes are usually safe, it’s best to make a backup before making any changes to avoid data loss.

Q3: Can I export all of my Thunderbird folders to PST at once?

Ans: Yes, you can export multiple Thunderbird folders to PST manually or with specialist software.

Q4: Is there a size limit on PST files?

Ans: Older versions of Outlook had a size limit for PST files (typically 2GB), while current versions allow for greater file sizes.

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