June 17th, 2023

Yoast SEO: Best WordPress SEO Plugin Reviews 2021

Yoast SEO: Best WordPress SEO Plugin Reviews 2021

Although there are so many ways to get traffic to your website, search engines are the most dependable. Hence, it is very important that the blogs are optimized to be found by search engines. At the same time, it is not easy to have a perfectly SEO ready content.

Yoast-SEO is a WordPress plugin that eases your hassles by taking care of most of the things related to the on-page SEO of your blog. Although the free version of ‘Yoast-SEO' is just great, you can benefit with some added features with their premium version as well.

Some of the reasons that make Yoast-SEO plugin a go-to SEO tool are:

1. Content optimization: The posts are run through a quality check by the tool, to see if keywords and meta descriptions are used appropriately. It also suggests if correct keywords are used in correct places.

2. Improving readability: It analyses the post for any grammatical errors or proofreads the content for any mis-spelt keywords etc. and suggests improvements for the overall readability of the content.

3. Prevention of RSS feed: If some other websites have sourced any content from your site, there are chances that such websites will rank higher than yours in SEO. Yoast-SEO will avoid such data scraping by adding link to the source (your content).

However, Yoast-SEO is still a software. It might not understand what is the intention of an article that you are writing. There is always scope for softwares to throw-up irrelevant keywords. Sometimes, you might get overwhelmed by the time spent on fixing suggestions of the software than what you actually spent on writing a flawless blogpost. Hence, it is always better to weigh down the pros and cons before you decide to plug-in the 'Yoast-SEO' to your blog.

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Akshat Gupta
2 years ago Selected
The best feature of Yoast SEO is Content analysis which helps new bloggers to understand search engine optimization strategies. Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress which helps you to get top rank in search engines.

Yoast gives you full control over indexing. It is available in both free and premium version. Its free version is very powerful and effective. If you are a new blogger, Yoast SEO helps you to write SEO friendly content.
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Subhash Yadav
2 years ago
Yoast seo helps in writing a seo friendly blog. Yoast seo suggests all of your mistake while you are writing blog and also Yoast seo provide Google preview like title, meta description and more things.
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Ruma Dey Baidya
2 years ago
Paid Yoast is great. But for free go with rank math.
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Pravesh Patel
2 years ago
Yes, Yoast plugin is best for wordpress site because it gives you a basic idea about your blog post and pages content and keyword density with internal linking.
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2 years ago
Yes ! Of course it is a best plugin to write SEO friendly article . And we know that to have good ranking on Google , SEO is very important .
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Balvinder Singh
2 years ago
Yoast is a powerful Seo plugin and can get you ranked easily. For starters, the free version is more than enough. But for getting full juice, the premium is a must-use plugin.
I personally like the internal links suggestion feature and syntax check to help with things like short sentences and passive voice.
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