WordFence: WordPress Security Plugin Overview & Review

Written by Team IndiBlogHub  »  Updated on: July 11th, 2024

WordFence: WordPress Security Plugin Overview & Review

Wordfence Security is a free plugin that is used for enhancing site security with WordPress with multiple features and security configuration options. Currently, the number of people using this security plugin is more than 1 million. At present, these Wordfence Security Plugin are available in free and premium mode where in the free plugin mode you can use the available features without paying any fee, whereas in the premium version you have to pay some charge, while in return you will get many additional features.

Features of Wordfence Security Plugin

To protect your website from hackers, you will find many such features on the Wordfence security plugin that make your website completely secure. Let us know about some of the features of this security plugin.

1. Web Application Firewall - With this great feature of Wordfence security plugin, all the malicious traffic coming to your website is stopped there, due to which your website is saved from being hacked by the hacker and the hacker is blocked.

Anyway, there are changes from time to time in the Wordfence security plugin, due to which it is absolutely safe for your website and the use of this plugin does not affect the traffic coming to your website.

To install Web Firewall follow these below steps:

Click on Wordfence >> Firewall >> Manage Firewall. In the next page, select the option “Enabled and Protecting” from the Status drop-down menu in Web Application Firewall Status. Then click on “Optimize the Wordfence firewall”.

Now, Wordfence will run some tests to detect your server configuration and will ask you to download your current .htaccess file as a backup. Click on the “Download .htaccess” button and then hit on the Continue button.

Now it will show you Installation Successful notification. After clicking on Close button, you will be redirected to Firewall page, here you will see Protection level “Extended protection”.

You will also see a “Learning Mode” button. Don't worry, it will automatically switch to “Enabled and Protecting” mode after a week.

2. Block Brute Force Attack -  Whenever a hacker wants to hack your website, first of all he creates many login IDs and then tries to login to your website. In such a situation, when someone makes continuous unsuccessful attempts on your website, then the IP through which there have been consecutive unsuccessful attempts are blocked by this feature. Due to which no hacker can hack your website.

3. Advanced Manual Blocking -  This is the best and best feature of Wordfence Security Plugin, through this, if there is any suspicious action on your website, whether it is with the help of any software or with the help of a robot, then this security plugin will block it as well. Blocks any IP address manually.

If you want, with the help of this plugin, you can block any such web browser so that your website cannot open in that browser. Apart from this, if you feel that there is wrong traffic on your website, then you can also block that traffic with the help of this plugin.

4. Malware Scanner - It has often been seen that hackers put viruses in the website to hack it, by using the Wordfence security plugin, they completely scan your website weekly or twice a week, so that it is known that our website is somewhere. I don't have any kind of virus.

Apart from this, if you buy the premium version of Wordfence Security Plugin, then your website is continuously scanned in it so that if any virus or malware is found then it can be deleted immediately.

5. Country Blocking - This great feature is hardly available in any other security plugin other than Wordfence Security Plugin, this feature available in premium mode of Wordfence can prove to be very beneficial for you. Thanks to this feature, if you want, you can completely block any country from where you think your website is at risk.

6. Real Time Live Traffic - Because of this great feature of Wordfence, you can see the traffic coming to your website live in real time. Till now Google Analytics was used to see Real Time Traffic, but due to this feature of Wordfence Security Plugin, now it has become very easy to see Real Traffic.

7. Repair Files -  If ever there is any kind of error in your website, then with the help of this feature of Wordfence, you get to know that error and if you want, you can get that error fixed immediately with the help of this feature.

Scan WordPress Blog Using Wordfence Security Plugin

To download and install, first go to plugins or search from wordpress.org plugins: Wordfence Security. Once installation is done, click on Wordfence >> Scan option and then click on “Start New Scan” button.

Wordfence security will now start scanning your WordPress site. It will scan WordPress core, theme file, plugin files, suspicious codes, backdoors, malicious URLs and more.

Comparing Jetpack VS Wordfence

Since this is a free plugin, it is possible that often users get confused about choosing between Jetpack and Wordfence.

Jetpack offers a wide range of features, but the security is limited as compared to Wordfence. With its free plan, Wordfence offers firewall, security scanner, login security, a central dashboard to manage multiple sites along with other security tools to monitor visitor and login attempts etc. Security can be further enhanced by taking the paid version. On the other hand, the security features with Jetpack is limited to spam protection, Bruce force attack problem and a few others. If your priority is security of your site, then Wordfence is the one that you need to choose.

Further, considering the diversity in features offered by both the plugins, you might think of having both together. Yes, it is possible to have both Jetpack and Wordfence together. But a few features of Jetpack may not work for which you can get the customer support from WordPress to disable them for the rest of the site to work smoothly. Instead, it makes sense to prioritse security and get wordfence along with some other plugin which is compatible and offers only the specific features that you want.

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