WPForms - Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Written by Team IndiBlogHub  »  Updated on: July 11th, 2024

WPForms - Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

WPForms is a plugin but works like a form building platform. Along with the basic contact form, forms can be created for a wide range of purposes like surveys & polls, file uploads, applications, payments, donations etc. using WPforms. There are several options of form building plugins available for website creators. But 'WPForms' is one of the most popular tools among the WordPress users.

Several useful features like dropdowns, checkboxes, CAPTCHA, spam protections etc. are provided in the basic/ free version of the plugin itself. However, you can get a few add ons like customized CAPTCHA, file uploads, credit card payments, signature etc. which can give better controls if you are looking for a more professional site building with the Pro/ paid version of this plugin.

Three reasons why WPForms is good:

1.Simple to create forms: With several customization options, forms can be created by just dragging and dropping the elements of the form. This makes it very easy to learn and use even for people who don't know coding.

2.Unlimited forms generation: As compared to a few other competitor forms building plugins, WPForms gives unlimited number of forms. So, you can generate as many forms as required provided it is supported by the local storage memory of your server. You don't have to fear getting stuck while generating forms when the traffic spikes on your site.

3.Easy to conduct surveys & polls: This tool not only allows you to generate unlimited responses, but also creates automatic survey reports which can then be exported in 'pdf format for various analysis and presentations.

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