Best Themes for WordPress Users in 2021

You might have great content that is well researched, authentic and nicely articulated. But, users will not hover around your blog if the content isn't visually appealing. A visually appealing blog should have good page layout comprising of neatly organized pages and posts, easy navigation through the content, structured menus and categories along with a pleasant color combination of background and text. This can be achieved by selecting a suitable theme for your blog or website.

There are multiple options to set an appropriate theme for your blog. You can either design your own theme with suitable codes and illustrations or pick from several ready-to-use themes available on various online sources. Further, depending on your hosting platform and the level of customization required, the ready-to-use themes are offered as either free or paid.

In this section, we review some of the best and popular ready-to-use themes available in the market that are both, free and paid.