Decision Points in Choosing Scaffolding For a Construction Project


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Decision Points in Choosing Scaffolding For a Construction Project

In every construction project, regardless of the type of building or specifics, the right scaffolding equipment is essential. Otherwise, workers will be unable to access specific areas of the building safely or transport any heavy equipment to the higher areas. This issue may lead to more significant problems, such as potential health hazards or unfinished projects. 

Though scaffolding is a crucial element of any construction project, not all types are the same, and you may find different companies having different offers. For example, Synergy Scaffolding has options in aluminium, fibre glass, and other materials to suit various projects and needs. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all option, so you may find yourself choosing a different kind of scaffolding for every construction project.

To select the right scaffolding equipment, you have to think of critical decision points, taking into account the project and the safety of all the people involved.

Choosing the Company

Perhaps one of the first decisions you have to make is the scaffolding company, especially with so many viable options in the market. Given that the use of scaffolding has safety aspects involved, you must find companies with a long-standing reputation and credibility in the industry. You can also look for documents like proof of qualifications or insurance to support a particular company’s credibility.

Choosing the Price Point

Before you make any purchase, set a budget or a limit to the price you can spend so you can quickly narrow down your options. Naturally, price should not be the sole deciding factor since you still want to make sure you get quality scaffolding that can ensure safety. Nonetheless, it is still essential to be mindful of the price that you can pay to make sure you do not spend a fortune.

One of the ways to save on costs is to find a company near you or located near the site of your construction project. This way, you do not have to spend on shipping costs, which can turn out to be extremely expensive, depending on the distance. 

Choosing the Equipment

Once you have narrowed down your selection by having a budget in mind and a few potential companies, you can then consider specific factors to choose the particular scaffolding equipment you will be getting.

1. Type

In the construction world, you will encounter several types of scaffolding used for different purposes. Synergy Scaffolding, for instance, offers kwikstage, mobile, and other types of scaffolding. Kwikstage scaffolding is known to be a versatile option because it is adjustable and easy to assemble and pack up. However, there are also more job-specific types like double scaffolding, which is suitable for stone masonry, and suspended scaffolding, which is used for paintings and repairs.

Before making any purchase, make sure to assess the different types available and see which one suits the needs of your project the best. 

2. Height

Height is one of the most crucial points you have to consider because choosing the right dimensions will prevent the occurrence of scaffolding problems, the leading cause of construction accidents. Aside from this, selecting scaffolding with the wrong height may lead to construction delays or issues since it will be difficult to access certain areas of the building. To prevent these issues from surfacing, always check the dimensions of scaffolding options and see whether it will be suitable for your construction project.