April 02nd, 2024

Discover the secret in the basement in Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor, which is set in the home of a strange neighbor, offers players a really special voyage of discovery and adventure. In addition, you will be up against a sophisticated AI that watches your every move while you play the game. The AI will remember and evaluate all of your activities based on each round, changing your neighbors' behavior to place traps on the roads you have driven. Because of this, the Hello Neighbor game has an unmatched storyline and logic; everything happens so genuinely that you'll be taken by surprise and unable to put it down.

Content of the Hello Neighbor game

Nicky Roth, the protagonist of Hello Neighbor, is the center of the story. The four sections of the game represent the four distinct stages that Nicky Roth must pass.

Act 1: The introductory act

Nicky Roth heard cries coming from his neighbor Theodore Peterson's house while he was chasing a ball down the street. Nicky sneaked inside that neighbor's house to find out the mysteries, full of a boy's curiosity. While exploring the building in search of the basement key through puzzles, Nicky came onto Mr. Peterson's makeshift underground prison, which took the form of a maze in his basement. Regretfully, he unintentionally found Nicky and locked her in that very basement.

Act 2: The flight sequence

Nicky discovered every route out of the cell and onto the outside world. To his amazement, he learned that Mr. Peterson had erected a substantial barrier around his land to keep people out. In order to locate the way out and return to his house before being found and taken into custody, Nicky must once more solve puzzles. Following that incident, Nicky was resolved to leave his eccentric neighbor Peterson's home and find a new place to live.

Act 3: Developing and returning.

Nicky grew up and made the decision to go back to his family's old home after many years. Both his former residence and the neighbor's house are now in ruins. He hears a child's scream as he drifts off to sleep, and upon awakening, he finds his neighbor's house has returned, albeit larger, more intricate, and more bizarre than before. The Thing, a dark creature, appears to be pursuing and attacking him. During the escape, he went back into the basement that had held him captive.

Act Finale

In this climax, Nicky has to defend a younger Nicky from a gigantic shadow man. As Nicky protects his younger self from The Thing's attacks, he gets stronger and stronger until he defeats The Thing.


In Hello Neighbor, users take on the role of Nicky and experience the game from the first person point of view. The player finds himself moving from his house to the neighbor's house at the start of the game. In order to open and access the neighbor's basement, the player must break into his home and work through a number of riddles to gather the required materials. In order to locate the tunnel and the key that would open the missing door, the player must investigate and work through challenging challenges.

If you don't want to be caught too quickly, try not to let neighbor Peterson find out about your incursion. Peterson can be stunned by items you can throw at him, which will buy you extra time to hide. Up to four objects may be stored by players in their inventory. It is not possible to stack identical items in a cell. The gamer will be returned to their own house and will have to break in again if they are apprehended or suffer a serious injury. The game will be harder when you restart because the neighbor will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out your movements from the previous attempt and build a trap.

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