February 13th, 2024

Glance Company: How this company is revolutionizing the lock screen experience

Glance Company: How this company is revolutionizing the lock screen experience

Glance company, InMobi, the developer of the innovative lock screen platform Glance, is transforming how people discover and engage with content on their mobile devices. Launched in 2019, InMobi, Glance company's platform has quickly become one of the most popular lock screen platforms in India, with over 200 million active devices. To make such a smart lock screen experience a reality, Glance Company, InMobi partnered with some of the top smartphones brand in India to create feature like 'Glance on Realme', 'Glance Mi', 'Samsung Glance', etc.

This blog post explores how InMobi, Glance Company, is revolutionizing the lock screen experience through seamless content discovery, entertainment, gaming, and shopping features.

Seamless Content Discovery on the Lock Screen by Glance Company

The core value proposition of Glance company is enabling users to discover diverse content seamlessly right from their lock screen. Instead of static wallpapers, Glance company displays a rotating selection of content cards every time the user unlocks their phone. This content ranges from live news and sports updates, viral videos, games, shopping recommendations and more.

Users can quickly glance through personalised content that matches their interests without needing to open any apps. This convenient content discovery by Glance company has struck a chord with users, who spend an average of 25 minutes per day exploring Glance.

Glance company has partnered with leading Android smartphone makers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Realme to integrate its platform. Glance Mi integration allows Xiaomi device users to access the lock screen platform seamlessly. Glance on realme provides realme phone owners with convenient content discovery and entertainment options.

With Glance company's lock screen pre-installed on devices, as Glance Mi, Glance on Realme, users can start exploring content as soon as they setup their phones. This primed access to users has been key to Glance company's meteoric rise in India, amassing over 200 million monthly active devices within 3 years of launch.

Entertainment, News and More at Your Fingertips with Glance Company

Glance company brings entertainment, news and viral content to users' lock screens through visually rich cards optimized for quick and easy consumption. The Discover section within Glance company's platform features numerous content categories to suit diverse interests.

Users can catch live updates from major news and sports events through dedicated cards by Glance company. For entertainment, Glance company offers previews and trailers of trending shows, movies, music videos and more. By inegrating in devices as Glance Mi,Glance on Realme, etc. formats the platform also highlights viral and trending content from leading digital platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Josh and more.

Glance company has partnered with major entertainment and news brands to bring users their favorite content. Short-form vertical videos make information easily digestible for users on the go. For instance, Glance Mi provides Xiaomi device owners convenient access to this entertainment and news content right from their lock screens. Glance on realme similarly allows realme users to stay updated on trending topics and viral content through their personalized lock screen experience.

Glance Mi and Glance on Realme integration helps Glance company expand its reach and engagement across these popular smartphone brands.

Casual Gaming Without Downloads with Glance Company

Glance companyhas an entire tab dedicated to casual gaming, featuring hyper-casual games of various genres. Users can instantly try out popular games in full-screen mode, without needing to download any apps. With tap-to-play convenience and snackable gameplay, Glance company is able to drive high user engagement with their gaming offering.

Their partnerships with gaming studios like Gametion, GamingMonk and PayTM First Games provide a robust catalog of games spanning puzzle, arcade, sports, strategy and more on Glance company. InMobi also runs gaming competitions, offers social features like gifting lives to friends, and rewards loyalty through their gaming leaderboard. Glance's integration on Xiaomi devices as Glance mi and realme phones as Glance on Realme has been instrumental in driving adoption of casual gaming among their user base.

The gaming proposition by Glance company has proven to be a huge hit, with users spending an average of 44 minutes per day gaming on Glance. The platform has brought gaming to first-time users through its access and frictionless experience. With gaming emerging as a leading trend in digital media, Glance company has not only established an early stronghold, their partnership with major game studios have expanded the gaming catalog on Glance Mi, and Glance on Realme as well.

Live Commerce Capabilities by Glance Company

Glance company offers a dedicated Shop tab on Glance Mi,Glance on Realme, etc. where users can discover products and directly purchase items without leaving the lock screen.

Shoppers can ask questions and shop products featured in real-time through the live chat option on Glance company. InMobi has also partnered with content creators and influencers to produce shoppable short-form videos.

According to Glance company, their live commerce solutions have been able to drive conversion rates of over 20% for partner brands. Top brands across fashion, beauty and many more leverage Glance company for their digital commerce marketing.

The interactive video shopping experience on Glance Mi and Glance On Realme makes it easier for users to discover and purchase products seamlessly.

Optimized for the Indian Mobile Consumer by Glance Company

Glance company has experienced tremendous adoption in India owing to the platform's optimization for the consumption habits of Indian mobile users. Their content discovery is centered around locally relevant entertainment, news and trends. By tailoring content and features to Indian preferences, Glance Mi,Galnce On Realme, etc. are able to effectively serve these important smartphone user bases.

Given low data connectivity in smaller cities and towns in India, Glance company's content is designed to be engaging even on 2G connections.

Glance company aims to further amplify usage by supporting more regional languages as well as building celebrity-driven content and live entertainment. With Indian smartphone user base expected to double to 800 million by 2025, Glance company is well-placed to lead innovation in serving mobile-first consumers. s Glance company expands language support and celebrity content, Glance Mi, Glance On Realme, etc. will be able to amplify engagement further.

The Road Ahead for Glance Company

In just three years, Glance company has pioneered lock screen content discovery, a concept that did not exist before. Glance plans to evolve into an AI-driven personalized content platform. The company aims to enable influencer-driven interactive shopping through the lock screen.

Backed by internet giants, Glance company continues its high growth trajectory. With vernacular personalization at scale, it can expand its lock screen model globally.

In conclusion, Glance company has tapped into changing mobile consumption habits by making the lock screen an engaging content portal. Integration of Glance Mi, Glance on Realme, etc. has driven strong adoption among Indian language internet users.

With the backing of major smartphone makers, Glance Company, InMobi, has established itself as a leading next-generation content platform. It has potential to reshape content experience across emerging mobile internet economies.

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