How to merge Outlook PST files?

Written by Emily Cooper  »  Updated on: March 07th, 2024

How to merge Outlook PST files?

Merging multiple Outlook PST files has become very common these days for every user as they all want to keep their data in a single folder. However, to merge Outlook PST files, users must look for the best method to help them connect their data efficiently. MS Outlook is a well-known emailing platform that millions of people use daily. Therefore, it is obvious that those using this platform have sufficient data to store. Thus, while saving the data, they fail to recognize their file size and generate multiple PST files in Outlook.

This created massive confusion for users when they had to share their crucial data instantly, as they had to search for a particular file. This can take a lot of time, so to overcome such a situation, users are asked to combine multiple PST files into one file quickly. By merging the file, it will become easy for users to select a single file and share all the necessary data from one system to another easily.

Why is there a necessity to merge Outlook PST files

Running a huge organization is not an easy task because users have to be very careful with the data that is being shared. Having multiple files in Outlook can create trouble for users, they will face issues while sharing various files. As a result, users are advised to continue with this merging process speedily to overcome such a situation. There are several reasons for users to merge the PST files; here, we share a few.

• By merging multiple PST files, users will save a lot of time. After merging the files, they will have to share only a single file, consisting of all their crucial data.

• If users have multiple PST files, it can also affect the performance of Outlook, which can harm user’s data. Thus, the best way to avoid such a scenario is to merge Outlook PST files into one single file.

• Users will face corruption or virus attacks if they have numerous files saved in Outlook, so keeping your data protected from any mishap merging is the best solution.

• This merging process will make it easy for the users, especially for organizations, to manage their PST files.

Two ways to combine multiple PST files into one

To combine the Outlook PST files users might be wondering how it will process or what are the different techniques to initiate the task. Users are informed that there are two ways: the eDiscovery and professional approaches. To begin the task, one can select their preferred method and start with the procedure. Everyone is already aware of the manual process as it is old school technique that consumes a lot of time to finish the task. Therefore, now users want to choose the professional method to commence the task.

Discuss the best tool for the migration process.

To initiate the task, we advise users to try the Weeom PST merge tool, one of the finest tools. This software comes with several unique features, and we are sharing a few of them here.

• Its user-friendly interface allows non-technical users and beginners to commence the task effortlessly.

• The tool easily combines multiple PST files into one and in a single file.

• It will finish the whole task in a single go without consuming much time.

• Users can add several PST files at once for the merging process.

• The tool allows users to exclude duplicate items in the new PST file.

• There are three merge options, i.e., merge Outlook PST files, merge contact, and join Outlook PST file.

• Users will be able to combine both the ANSI and Unicode file types.


If users are eager to merge Outlook PST files, they have landed on the correct page; we have stated every detail in the above content. The tool that we have shared offers a free demo version, so download it and discover the workings of the tool.

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