February 01st, 2024

How to Split large PST File?

How to Split large PST File?

PST file format is used by MS Outlook email client to keep the emails, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. It is a bit tricky for users to manage large PST files, which is why users are searching how to split large PST file on the internet. Large-sized PST file has a high chance of corruption, which may make the data inaccessible. So, users need to get a powerful solution before it gets too late.

Moreover, the large PST file can also affect Outlook’s performance by slowing it down. Apart from this, users can face other problems with the large PST file. This blog will help users by providing the best approaches to complete this splitting process. So, read this blog to know the entire procedure of moving with this process.

What are the solutions to splitting PST file in smaller part?

Users are very well aware that it is a necessary task if they want to keep their data secure. To split large PST file into multiple ones, users can use manual and professional solutions. The manual method is used to do this task with the help of the Outlook email client. On the other hand, users do not need Outlook if they process this task professionally.

We will discuss three solutions in this blog and also provide their stepwise procedures. In the next section, we will discuss each method one by one and share with users how to split PST files in smaller parts. So, read all the solutions that are explained below for an effortless procedure of PST file splitting.

1 Split PST file using the Move to Folder option

In this solution, users need to use the Outlook email client to split large PST file with it. Users can follow the below steps to do this task.

• First of all, open the MS Outlook program in your system.

• Go to the File tab, Account Settings drop-down, and click the Account Settings option.

• After that, tap the Data files option and then hit the Add button to add the new PST file.

• Now, you need to go to the Home tab and open the Outlook profile’s old PST file.

• Select the items you want to move to the newly created PST file.

• After that, click the Move drop-down and tap the Copy to Folder option.

• Then, select the newly created file to move the selected items from the old PST file.

• Finally, delete the copied items from the old PST file.

That is how users can reduce the size of their PST file by moving a few items to a new PST file. This process is not user-friendly as it takes too much time to split large PST file. Now, we will discuss another solution to do it with the help of the Outlook program.

2 Import/Export option to split oversized PST file

MS Outlook has an Import/Export option, which we are going to execute to split PST file in smaller part. Users have to take a look at the below-shared steps to learn how to do it with this solution.

• Launch MS Outlook in your system.

• After that, you need to go to the File tab, select Open & Export, and click the Import/Export option.

• Choose the Export to a file option and hit Next to continue.

• After that, click on the Outlook data file (.pst) option and tap Next.

• Now, you need to choose the folder you wish to split and continue with the Next button.

• Browse and select the location where you want to save the new PST file.

• At last, click the Finish button to start the process.

This approach takes a lot of time to split large PST file and also makes the process challenging. That is the reason why professionals do not go with manual solutions to perform such kinds of tasks. Let us discuss an automated solution that can split PST files quickly and securely.

3 Split large PST file with an advanced solution

Users do not need to use the Outlook email client to split their PST files with this solution. The Shoviv PST Splitter Tool has the capability of processing multiple PST files in a single go. It provides four options to split PST file on different criteria basis, like size, date, year, and folder. Also, users can split Unicode as well as ANSI-type PST files with the help of this tool.

It comes with a simple user interface, which permits all users to split large PST file effectively and quickly. Users also get a few more features in this software that can be used to make this task as easy as a cakewalk.

Wrapping Up

This blog has elaborated three ways to split large PST file in a secure and hassle-free manner. Users can opt for the Shoviv PST Splitter Tool, as it is quick and capable of processing numerous files at once. Moreover, users can use its free demo version as well to check the compatibility and capability of this professional tool.

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