April 03rd, 2024

Launching Your Business in Dubai’s Free-Zone Area? Here’s Everything to Know

Launching Your Business in Dubai’s Free-Zone Area? Here’s Everything to Know

A free zone is also popularly known as the free trade zone in Dubai is made to help the international businesses thrive by offering them 100% expatriate ownership and the convenience of single window administration. In Dubai, the free zones are either port-attached or are industry-focused. For over the longest years known, the United Arab Emirates has been the hotspot for both Dubai Business Setup and the country’s economic development has always been synonymous with the UAE community’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The Incentives You Get for Free Zone Business Setup

• You get 100% ownership of the company

• You enjoy 100% repatriation profits and capital.

• You are exempted from 100% personal and corporate taxes.

• You are also exempted from export and import duties

• You get energy in abundance and at cost-friendly rates

• The workforce available there is inexpensive and their recruitment process is easy.

• It offers a one-stop solution for administration services.

• You can also enjoy customer inspection on-site

• The companies at free-zone can run throughout the day.

The Limitations Imposed on Free Zone Companies

Businesses in free-zone jurisdictions cannot directly trade with the UAE markets. As for operating the new business setup in Dubai free-zone, only the locally appointed distributors can do that. The local business is required to pay about 5% of custom duty taxes. Every entrepreneur needs to understand and be wary of all the concerns and incentives relate to launching a business. This shall prove favourable when you are about to make a well-informed decision regarding establishing your company.

What Does Launching a Business in Dubai’s Free Zone Mean?

A new business setup in Dubai at its free zones means that you aren’t required to abide by the laws of the area, which might be pretty great for both organisations and companies. The concerned authority of the free zone area shall assist you in company administration, given how it is their initiative to accelerate the growth of the company. Henceforth, your company shall always enjoy the limelight in this particular region. Additionally, you will also enjoy the ease of getting a workforce that caters to your company’s requirements, operation objectives, and policies.

The Free Zone Locations in UAE

For instance, you can consider free zone company setup in Dubai in the popular Dubai Internet City Free Zone, or perhaps at Jebel Ali Free Zone or even in Dubai Airport free zone amongst all the top free zone areas in the city. To learn about the basic advantages that come from the free zone market, you might have to seek professional consultations from the consultants engaged for open company In Dubai Free Zone. The consultants can help you with the mandatory legal structure like company registration so your company isn’t only recognised but also regulated by the required authority.

 It is important to get your company registered because as much as they are liberal in providing you the convenience of setting up free trade, they also expect you to abide by their legal expectations.

What Do You Need to Get Your Company Approved for Operation in This Region?

You might have to look for a particular minimum capital for your new business setup in Dubai free zone to get approval in the free zone region. The professionals that aid you with setting up your company will let you know about this need and also about the time that the authority will need to review your application before giving their issuance. This duration is important to understand as it assists in your objective analysis and your company’s specialisation area because your company should come of some help to the region. The documents and applications should all follow the correct legal format and structure.

The Best Free Zones Where You Can Set Up your Business

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

JAFZA is counted as Dubai Ports World’s flagship free zone. The authority plays a crucial role in the Dubai Port World UAEs integrated business hub. JAFZA is UAE’s oldest free zone that was established in 1985. JAFZA takes pride in its strategic location which is near the Jebel Ali Sea Port, the 7th largest container port in the world. This strategic location makes the area suitable for both import and export. The various licenses offered by JAFZA are:

• Service License

• Trading license

• Industrial license

• E-commerce license

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

DMCC is one of the distinguished free zones in the Emirates which is also seen as the #1 free zone in the world for entrepreneurs searching for the best places for new business setup in Dubai. The area is open to all types of business activities that provide the widest scope of office solutions. DMCC issues licenses that aren’t only limited to generated, industrial and service trade but can also let crypto commodities trading.

Other important free zone areas of Dubai are International Free Zone Authority, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, Sharjah Media City Free Zone, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, etc.

Company registration in the free zone area of Dubai is one of the best scopes for business owners who wish to reach out to their global customers. You can consult the Dubai Business Setup for free zone company setup in Dubai consultancy to launch your business activity there. The consultants can offer you help for the entire process involving company formation; starting from business registration to learning about the license cost of free zone and obtaining authority approvals.


 In the aftermath of the global recession, Dubai's economy is comparably booming, making this an ideal moment for investors and entrepreneurs to participate in its rebounding economy. Because of the emirate's great worldwide reputation as an investment and trade destination, forming a corporation in Dubai is a safe method to invest overseas and conduct international business.

Companies in the UAE are not required to pay income or corporation tax. While company registration in the UAE still requires a minimum capital expenditure, it varies based on the size, nature, and aims of the firm, with oil businesses being the most expensive.

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