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10 types of people you should avoid in life

Avoiding certain people in life isn't selfishness, it is self survival! Here is the list of 10 types of people you should avoid in life -

Self Love | Why you should love yourself first

Most people confuse Self love with selfishness. Self love is often placed in the same ranks as narcissism or egoism. It's true that some peopl...

Be Open to Courage & feel happiness #BlogchatterA2Z

Be open to courage, take some bold steps, feel the happiness within, admire yourself, set yourself free and improve your mental health and well being.

Do These Things For Mental Happiness & Satisfaction #Blogcha...

Try these things to get mental happiness and improve your mental health. this will give you an extra boost to you and you will feel happier.

Healthy Habits to Improve Mental Health #AtoZChallenge

Here are 10 healthy habits to improve your mental health and help you live life at fullest, boost productivity, improve daily routine.

Give Time To Yourself And Improve Your Wellbeing #AtoZChalle...

Give time to yourself and see your mental health. it boosts productivity and improves your well being. it gives the chance to explore yourself.

I Promise! - Gorgeous Diaries

here are 5 things i would like to promise myself, if you guys are on the same tangent, don’t forget to promise yourself as you read them.

I love myself-Self Love-I love me-Be your own Inspiration

I love seeing myself in the mirror. Am I mad? Yes! I am madly in love with me. I love myself. I love my inner instinct. I love my soul. I love my gut...