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To start Google Meet, first download Google Meet/Hangouts Meet on your preferred device

Login using your Google Account.

Enter email id and password. If you don't have an email account, first create an email account with some information.

To use Google Meet efficiently, you must grant permission access to your camera and microphone to be used during video calls.

To start a new meeting just click on the “New Meeting” option at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

You then need to add other people to the video call either by entering their email ID or by sharing the meeting code with them.

During the meeting, you can also type your message. It works similar to zoom.

For a seamless video conferencing experience, you can go to the Settings menu to turn on the caption option so that people can read what you are saying.

Google Meet also allows you to record video calls in the future.

For this, by going to the Settings option, click on the Current Screen option.

After that you click on Start Broadcast option.

Recording will start in 3 seconds.

Click Stop Broadcast to stop recording. Put the phone in DND while recording is on, so no notifications interrupt the recording.

Simply enter the meeting code to join the meeting.
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