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use of henna

Henna is considered very good for our hair, due to which our hair becomes strong, thick and long. To apply it, first make a paste by mixing half a bowl of curd in a bowl of henna. Then leave it like this for 1-2 hours and after that apply it well till the root of your hair and wash it after drying.

use of cucumber

Cucumber makes our hair grow very fast because it contains a lot of silicon and sulfur. Its use makes hair grow faster. To use it, you can take out the juice of cucumber and apply it on the hair or make juice of cucumber, carrot, and spinach and drink it.

use of green tea

Put two green tea bags in a cup of hot water and keep it to cool down. After cooling, take out the tea bag from it and apply it well in your hair. Use it twice a week, it will make your hair stronger and grow faster.
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