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The memory card was invented by Fujio Masuoka in Toshiba in 1980, the first PC card was introduced in 1990, which is used today in companies to connect input output devices, more in 1994 Many types of cards came in the market like Compact Flash, Smart Media etc.

In today's time computers, mobile phones have separate slots for SD cards, the memory cards that used to come earlier had less storage capacity but their prices were very high, but with time today their storage capacity has increased. Has been greatly increased and the prices have been reduced so that everyone can easily buy them
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1. Incorrect Reason to start a Travel Blog
When Travel Bloggers are actually the writers and not the travelers or explorers i.e. when writers start a travel Blog just to reap perks, benefits and charm that they see around some successful Travel Bloggers when actually they just don't have that wanderlust burning inside them, failure in such cases is almost certain.

2. Lack of patience
It is perhaps the top most reason . Many newbies just want quick fame , they will post 5-10 write ups and in 3 months they start getting restless that why are we not getting popular , why is traffic not increasing , why are sponsored posts and campaigns not being offered and bang , down goes their motivation .

3. Poor Content
See it is not necessary that a good traveler will be a good writer or a good presenter too . Being an ardent explorer is one thing and developing an interesting write up based on one's travel experience is an all together different game. We need to understand that thousands of Travel articles are being written every single day and if you need to stand out , your content should be original , interesting and must be an eye catcher . Also , the content must deliver what your post's Title promises otherwise readers will obviously get pissed out .

4. Lack of marketing skills
Even you have written an extra-ordinary post , you still need to market it aggressively and on right platforms . Don't keep posting link of your article randomly anywhere. Shortlist the platforms where there is higher probability of getting genuine readers ( and not the Bloggers only ) , just go all out to market your article, your brand and yourself as a blogger.

5. Lack of knowledge about SEO
Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of Digital Marketing and an extremely important field to work on if you really want your Travel Blog to be successful . Believe me , Its not as difficult a concept to understand as has been made to believe . You certainly don't need a Phd. in SEO but you must make yourself familiar with terms like keywords, long tail keywords, backlinks, no-follow links, do-follow links , Domain Authority , Page authority , Moz Rank, Alexa rank, Sites linking in , Domain , sub-domain, organic traffic , Guest posting etc.

The reasons are a plenty ( lack of PR and Networking skills for example ) but then reasons for the success of a Travel Blog are even more . So see the positive side and rock the Blogging world . My best Wishes are with you all . Feel free to ask any further question .

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