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Physical Damages – Due to the small size of the SD card, the chances of its physical damages are very high, today many SD cards are coming in such a way that the water does not matter, no matter how long you put them in the water. Keep in mind, if an SD card gets electrostatic discharge, then it is considered completely bad because all types of SD cards are electronics.

File System Corruption – The operating system of your smart phone or your digital camera makes a big difference because whenever you want to go to your SD card, you first have to go through the operating system of your system. If the system is not working properly then it can also damage your card

Accumulating Bad Sectors in SD Card – In this, some space is created in your card in which no data can be stored, if once a bed sector comes in your card, then it slowly spreads throughout your card and completely ruins your card

Insert or Remove SD Card Improperly – Whenever you are inserting your card in your phone or camera or in your system, then it should be very carefully because if you hurry to insert or remove it then your card will get damaged. increased risk of

Virus or Malware Infection – If your SD card is not working properly then it may be that a virus has come in your card. This may cause your card to not work properly
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