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I'm sure that based like the kind

I'm sure that based like the kind

I'm sure that based like the kind of gameplay that you prefer, you'll likely have fun in one of those three expansions let's see we can pick one of them. two players who were great. Here I'm gonna do these and then I'll start the dungeon wrath and Whopper mob WoW Classic SoD Gold . They were awesome. Yeah, I mean, I had a lot of fun playing wrath, fun and Mists of Pandaria.

I'm not kidding, I've had amusement and enjoyed nearly every expansion has been done in different ways.

It's like there's never been any time that I wasn't enjoying the game or what. I'm not sure about I've never had a moment when I felt like I've had a break from playing.

Like in Shadow Ins as well as BFA I took a lot longer breaks. I didn't have a big time out in Legion I took a break in Cataclysm I stopped playing Cata for a period of time due to the fact that I played Diablo three and thought that was going to be my new job. I'd just take my farm loot and Diablo 3 and then sell it for actual money, and I'd be wealthy. But that didn't happen.

Yes, but it would be awesome if it did show it wasn't fun.

I mean it was I mean I don't know I was enjoying the game. It was like the other games I played. I didn't really go as in depth as I had in previous expansions. Also, you need to keep in mind and cataclysm. Similar to me quitting the game. As a matter of fact, I stopped playing because I had won it.

I'm an actual Biss like every piece of gear I owned was the finest piece of gear that I could possibly have for my character. This is why I decided to stop writing, since like I have a dream for me WoW Season of Discovery Gold . The dream to me is to quit , and to quit because you've done well.

If you think you've beaten the game, you've got the top equipment available to you. You are the number one

a mic over to the other side oh no there's one on the other side nice it's great that he completed that quest for me and I was able to catch the Channel Five interview with Alex Jones.

I'm not sure if I saw that. I might want to watch that because it sounds like a fascinating series of alternatively, I'm going to stop thinking I am a fool like I care about one character who is my primary all because it's my last quest I gotta do and then we'll get to do the fucking thing really want to return to New world do you I mean like we're gonna we're gonna play the PTR for a little.

I wanted to just do some leveling to see what it's like playing ramparts, clears, and stuff like this. Then we'll play the PTR because like I was able to play for about five minutes this morning because I gonna have dinner with my dad and I was doing wrong planning on my behalf led me to not get the time.

Yeah, it's gonna be badass we got the great swords they're fond of. They've changed the whole experience of players introduced a lot of crap, so we're going to get everyone on the roster and use

help us reach Blizzard for help in addressing urgent issues.

I'll look, I will like I want to see queue problems fixed. I'm thinking there's something really negative for the game. But We made it here. How many mothers love to murder a lot of boys? I'm sure I'm gonna die.I'm only getting a few of Perry's sexiness, the parries just are harmful to me, and it just reduces my damage to zero.

Yes, I only survived , I'll be fine after I reach this next skill point I'll be doing more damage to this build, mostly used for dungeon leveling, and I think that's exactly what I'm good at everything other than that, I got no food, either. It was a sucks moment when I came home from work play some on my own time, but I just queued into 369 minutes It's just like that happens and people aren't interested in playing the game.

which should be accessible to everyone. No, you and us together form one huge realm. It's like EU and US is like we must have it because of latency.

There are things require React to be liked for, split second with interruptions, like, etc.

However, aside from that I'm thinking that like for example like could it be cool as in the open world there were people from EU I would think that'd be amazing.

As a general rule, I'm extremely supportive of the possibility of people playing with each in any way they can, therefore, if you could create a space where players are able to play together then I would say that almost every time it's better option for the game . I would that guy wait to see what happens? Oh, I already looked at it Okay hopefully I got him to be a bit more aggressive.

Okay, here we go. Let's turn this into. Perfect. Okay, this one will keep me all the way to my maximum. I'm not going to attempt that right now. We'll probably just to fuck around and do some ramparts to make this leveling feel better than classic leveling? Sure, it does particularly with the 50% Boost. As I said, I didn't really like the way that in the old days you had to move around.

You'd like to complete three quests and then you'd have to like run and take on three additional quests. I'd say it's much better. Hebrews we invite you bro. And we could just start making the ramparts groups as of now. I'm not sure if I'd like Lily and NVR are interested in allowing you to come. Yes, that's fine I'm sure he'll be there for group Okay

Oh , we've got everything but we need to find one more person. How did you find 5058? I did a fucking Brd and then I took LVRs just like you. Okay perfect and last run back . Yes, I can. What can I do offer you? I'll return to the site

This is a test room but it's an actual live room. This is just like the other rooms, with the raft contents out like you can go 70. You can get like all your gear for getting ready for the wrath. It's similar to a pre patch for the expansion.

This is why there is a need for one person for ramparts farming, preferably one with 61 Plus, so you won't be resisted. Similar to DPS it's more crucial for me as an tank, as I'm concerned that I'm going to die. I guess we'll find out in this forum who this guy is? Then I'll contact you to let you know that you're broken. I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm guessing that rogue suck was right.

DK is a is a soul blast furnace. I mean if we could get DK, that would be amazing

as in Yeah, I'm saying, if can we obtain one? That would be fantastic. Someone is aware of what they're doing. I mean, he's almost an 63-year-old. Rogue is a rogue sock, until they meet a gangster and then they suck even more true how. Uh okay, we invited and this man is invited. Oh, he's just hit a slash, and then I typed I envy, let me make sure I fix that Okay, switch that off.

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