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Sep 22, 2021

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Divi Builder is another very popular page builder plugin developed by the Elegantthemes team. It is a visual drag and drop page builder and offers 20+ templates for different types of websites.

Divi Builder also allows you to customize the site layout with a live preview. Divi comes with 40 built-in modules. You can drag and drop them anywhere in your layout. Each module comes with a lot of customization options. In addition, they also provide a custom CSS tab.

With Divi Builder, you can create incredible page designs. But this plugin is only available in premium version that means there is no free version.
20 days ago   1
Divi is surely a leading theme and the older one with trust now. But DIVI is a heavy one with all features, not suited for every blog. Plus the pricing is good for professionals, but not for beginners.
A theme like Blocksy is a new and modern free option to use with elementor page builder combo and new Gutenberg design.
2 months ago   1

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