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First, install and activate the Code Snippets plugin on your WordPress site.

The Code Snippets plugin is one of the easiest ways to add custom code to your site. It provides a user-friendly interface. You can also activate and deactivate your added custom code snippets. Also, you can categorize your code by name, description, tags etc.

After activation, it will add the Snippets menu item to your site. To add new code snippets, click on Snippets >> Add New.

Now enter a title for your custom code snippet. It can be anything that will help you identify the code later. After that, you paste your code snippet in the code box.

After you've added the code, you can add a description and tag to your code snippets so that you can easily identify it later, for what purpose it was added to your site.

Now click on Save Changes and Activate button. It will be activated on your site immediately.
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