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First of all you have to download Xampp Software Xampp is an Apache, Mysql and Php package. It is easy to install it on personal computer. Many developers like to do local testing on this. Let us know how to use it.

1: Step 1. Windows Taskbar

First of all, go to Start in Windows Taskbar and type Xampp in the Search Box, here select Xampp Control Panel and press Enter, now start Apache from Xampp Control Panel. You will see “Running” highlighted here in green color which means that Apache is ready to use.

2: Step 2. Go To Start

Go to Start and open the computer, navigate to the Xampp Folder, which is normally located in the Top Level Folder of your Computer's Hard Drive. Open Htdocs Folder.

3: Step 3. Open Computer Again

Now again go to the computer's option and navigate to the folder where you keep your Html File Save. If you do not have any Html File created earlier then create a Html File and save it in Htdocs Folder in Xampp Folder. If you find a single Html file then copy and paste it in Htdocs Folder.

4: Step 4. Start Your Web Browser

Start your web browser and type “Localhost/Filename.Html” in the address bar. Now press Enter and see Html File Load as Web Page. Your Apache server that came with Xampp is serving your web pages.
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HTML is basically a scripting language and do not need any processing, So you can run and work HTML easily.
You need
1. Notepad
2. Web browser

1. Open editor and save file as you want, let say sample.html
2. Add some code from HTML you want to try

I am a heading

I am a paragraph

3. save the file
4. click on file to open and browser will launch

you can see your code converted as rich content(formatted) in the browser window. you can also add css for the same to make good content.

You do not need to install anything else, until you need to work with data like Database and Php.

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