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To create about us page, first go to your blogger's dashboard and click on page option and click on New Page and click on (+) button will appear in blogger's new interface.
Now you have to write content to make About us page.

1. First of all give the title name of your page, write in the title - About Us

2. Now you have to write content, in the first paragraph of the content, you have to give some information about your blog while welcoming your readers to your blog. And also to tell why you are creating this page.

3. In the second paragraph, you have to give your name and some information about yourself like what you do, where you work, what are you interested in and if you are a student then what are you studying or doing course.

4. In the third paragraph, you have to tell about your blog or website, what information do you give to your readers in the website, what will be the benefit / benefit to the users coming to your blog from your blog. You can give information about which category the website is specifically designed for, and what is special about your website.

5. In the fourth paragraph, you have to write where did you get the idea to make a website for yourself or what did you start the website thinking. You can also write a few lines about whatever you tell in your blog.

(You can write About us in any language, Hindi or English, but in the content it must be told in which language you publish posts in your blog.)

6. In the fifth paragraph, you should again tell about your name, address, what work you do and how the users of your blog can contact you. You can give your email ID here or give a link to the Contact us page of your blog so that visitors can contact you.
And finally write - Thanks For Visit My Blog
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