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Just add a new page and name it as Disclaimer in Label and disclaimer in slug field. Then add it to the menu.
For content, you can use free generators around on the net like
Just add your name and email in the document and add other data from plugins additionally you using and data policies. Do mention data usage collection.
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1) First of all you have to go to the website of

2) Now here you will see a simple form, you have to fill it.

3) Write the name of your site in Site Name.

4) Enter the name of the company. [If you do not have a company, then you can write the full name of your blog.]

5) Enter your country and email.

6) Now click on Make My Disclaimer in the last.

7) Now the disclaimer of your site will open in front of you, copy it.


1) Now you have to log in to blogger.

2) Go to Dashboard.

3) Go to Pages.

4) Click on New Page.

5) Now write Disclaimer in the title.

6) And the disclaimer that we just made and copied. Paste it here.

7) And click on Publish in the last.
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